Build a Opt-In Email Database

Did you know Building and using opt-in email marketing lists is law in many countries? Pretty interesting but it also offers several benefits to email marketers. Here are some of the benefits of using an opt-in email list in your email marketing efforts and we try to explain the process the user goes through.


  • Cost Effective
  • Low Investment
  • Suitable for any size business
  • Build Customer Relationships
  • Reward Loyal Customers
  • Personalise Emails
  • Automate Sending
  • Target Driven
  • Fewer Legal Implications
  • Improved Conversions
  • Greater Response Rates
  • Track Responses
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Email Marketing

Also called permission marketing, email marketing involves sending promotional emails and newsletters to users who have given you consent to send them emails about your product or service.

Opt-in email marketing is very different from traditional email marketing methods as people on your list usually anticipate the emails from your company as they have already expressed interest in your product or service. The chances of your email being read and having a positive impact on your business are much higher.

Here is simple diagram to help explain the process:



Opt-in emails can be personalised, making them more effective and you can even automate the sending of promotional material to these addresses for added convenience.


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